New Film Score written for the upcoming Full Feature “Spaghetti Story”, by italian director Ciro De Caro. 
The movie will be hitting the italian theatres starting from this December 19th for the Christmas period!

The film features an Original Soundtrack written by composer Francesco D’Andrea, and it will be a blend of organic and synthetic instruments. It will be a slow build up from ambience pop tracks, to electro-acoustic, to 70s and 90s rock ambiences.

The movie “Spaghetti Story” has been well received by critiques, and before its arrival in theatres, has been already awarded with a “Best Director” prize at “San Marino Film Festival” in Italy.

Valerio is a good actor, waiting for his big break. In the meantime he has to make do with a variety of one-off part-time jobs. His friend Kookie still lives at home with his grandmother, but he has got a profitable business plan figured out. Serena is a university student, but she’d like to raise a family with Valerio. Giovanna, Valerio’s sister, works as a masseuse, but her dream is to become a chef, specialized in Chinese cooking. They seem know who they are and what they want. Until Mei Mei enters their lives. Controlled by her pimp, yet she is pure to the core…

“Spaghetti Story” was selected at Moscow International Film Festival 2013, Cine Italiano! Hong Kong (2013), Reykjavik International Film Festival (2013) , Krakow Off Plus Camera (2013), RIFF – Rome Independent Film Festival (2013), Dhaka International Film Festival (2013), Giornate del Cinema di Napoli (2013), San Marino Film Festival (2013).

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