Hi everyone. If you’re here there are many chances that you want to be involved in a serious rock band project, and you’re from London, UK.
If that’s you, please read all of this very carefully, WHILE LISTENING TO THIS.

My name is Francesco, I’m a rock guitarist, and professional Film & Tv soundtrack composer (check bio and other details in this website if you want to have more info on what I do as a  “daytime job” in music).

I’m looking for the right people to form together a great, long-lasting ROCK BAND in London, that are committed to achieve professional goals and Write Music Together. A band in which everybody contributes to write music.

This is not a paid audition, I’m looking for people with motivation, goals and ambition to build something big, and professional, and treat music as it should be done, as a powerful, serious thing.

My main rock influences are Led Zeppelin, Pearl Jam, Hendrix, Pink Floyd, 90s and 70s rock. But I’m certainly more open than that, and able to experiment in different rock territories…..I recently self-published an album that I’ve entirely composed/played/recorded alone, with the help of a friend on vocals:

LISTEN TO IT to get a rough idea of the kind of sound that I’m into, right now, when I imagine a rock band and what we could sound like:

This is a good example of the kind of music that I’d like to play. But of course, besides these tracks or sound, I need other songwriters that also create their music, to influence each other and achieve “our sound”.

If you’re interested to join me in the quest of making a great, mind blowing Rock Band, please follow this steps:

Contact me by sending an email at this address.

Include a Link to your music, and specify if they’re demos, or your compositions.
– Specify if you also play an instrument
Include the following: email, phone number, age
– Mention how many times per week you’d be available to rehearse.
– Mention if you have work or family constraints
– Read the rest of the ad, and please let me know what you think of it.


MALE SINGER-Songwriter: with a strong voice, that can sound dirty, adult, and screaming, crazy, aggressive….but also intimate and clean when needed. I’m looking for the gritty, deep, intense voice, and someone who has stuff to express, not just a clean and gifted voice. Some singers that I really appreciate….think about Eddie Vedder, Robert Plant, someone that can really add some rawness and expression.
Being able to play an instrument is a great, great plus.

DRUMMER: A rock band needs a technically strong, groovy & powerful drummer, who can play hard, soft, fast,funky-ish, and can occasionally destroy everything (Bonham, Abbruzzese, Mitch Mitchell anyone?)

RHYTHM GUITAR: You should love writing tunes, know about amps and pedals…create alternate parts that work with other existing guitars, etc… A good technique is highly appreciated, but creativity and songwriting are even more important to me!

BASS: Ideally it would be great to find a good bass player who loves to write kickass bass lines that are not always based on the tonic note of song’s chords :) I’d love to work with a bass player who can also play some rough chords with any other instrument.


– Record EP/Album
– Gig a lot – Organize first UK tour within a few months.
– Promotion (Radio plugging, concerts, social networks, contact labels, etc etc.)
– Do anything else we need to do, as it’s normally done in the music business, and we’ll do it all together. It’s a team work!


– Be able to follow the band on a tour, practice, record an album, and treat self promotion, doing video, and all other efforts as a normal routine of the band.
– Be able to practice at least 2-3 days per week.
– Be enough independent from work to leave and go touring if things go well.
– Spend time together to improve ourselves, to record, to find a promoter, to push our stuff to labels, radio, and do all the dirty work together.


– You have work/study constraints that don’t leave you enough time to do al that’s needed to “make it” in the music business.
– If you don’t have enough money to partecipate to studio bookings for rehearsals.
– If you think the way we dress or “our style” is more important than music itself.
– If you don’t want to make efforts, work hard, do all that it’s needed to be done to be a great band that tours, makes connections, has fans.
– If you just want to have fun. We all do, of course! But this for me is more than that, and I want it to become my main occupation, and be in a professional band.

Sorry if this ad sounds picky, it probably is, I just want to make sure that everyone knows exactly in advance what I’m looking for, so that I don’t waste anyone’s time.
I’m looking forward to meet you guys for a jam, and hopefully form the best contemporary rock band ever seen in London!!