“Italian composer and sound designer Francesco D’Andrea hosts a party in your ears.”
-Michael Beaver @ Bandcamp

“The cover could fool you, but certainly does not distract from the maniacal awesome that pervades this release. It’s a classy jamboree of colorful soundscapes that’ll really get your juices moving.
Fairly minimal cost for a fantastic listen.”
– Moosick @ moosickrevoos dot com

“One can imagine a back and forth between silent film characters, or a stunning landscape put on in a Pixar film. […] “Quick Party Before the End of the World” is a wonderful and expansive soundtrack piece”
-Michael Rickert @ “The Examiner.com”
released 20 December 2011
Written, recorded and performed by
© 2011 Francesco D’Andrea, all rights reserved

Cover art by David Lanham