I liked one of Francesco D’Andrea’s tracks. How do I purchase a license to use it in a Film, Tv Show, Advertising, or other projects ? Is it possible? 

Some of Francesco’s works are available to be licensed, some others are not. Depending on the track that you are interested in, some of them could be available for exclusive or non-exclusive license.
Some others are not available because they’ve been already licensed with exclusive agreements. If you wish to purchase a license, please get in touch through the contact section of the website.

How do I get in touch with Francesco D’Andrea? I’d like to ask a quote to score a music, a jingle, or a soundtrack.

Please click here to go to the contact section, and fill in the form with required fields. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

How does Francesco D’Andrea writes and record his music?

Francesco crafts his music scores using both real instruments and players, as well as virtual instruments, piano, keyboards, computer and synthesizers.
He often plays, performs and records by himself some string instruments, piano, guitars, ukulele, bass, percussions and others.

I’d like to purchase some of his music mp3’s and have them on my iPod. Where can I find his music and albums for purchase?

While some of Francesco’s music is not available for sale, some of his works can be purchased here on his Bandcamp Page. 
Please bear in mind that buying one of his songs or albums, does not allow you to use that music in one of your projects. 
By purchasing his music on bandcamp you are only allowed to use the music for personal listening pleasure. If you need to license his music to use it in one of your projects, please send an inquire. You can send an email here.